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Handmade Christmas Design Porcelain Dip Chiller

Handmade Christmas Design Porcelain Dip Chiller


This beautiful and functional porcelain dip server will keep dips fresher on the table for longer. To serve a chilled dip, place ice in the outer vessel and fill the inner bowl with up to 12-ounce of dip; cover with lid and serve. For a warm dip, simply substitute hot water for the ice. A dense, strong, and durable ceramic especially appropriate for functional ware. Unit dimensions: 5-inch in diameter by 5.5-inch high.

  • Beautiful and functional stoneware dip server
  • Would look amazing on your party table
  • Durable porcelain with decorative glazed finish
  • Dimensions: 5.5" high, 5" diameter
  • Dip dish dimensions: 2.5" high, 4.5" dia.

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