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Organic Cotton Travel Size Duo - Buckwheat and Millet 100% Natural White Bed Pillow, Vegan - Made in USA

Organic Cotton Travel Size Duo - Buckwheat and Millet 100% Natural White Bed Pillow, Vegan - Made in USA


Eco-Friendly and Chemical-Free CPAP Pillow The Organic Bucky Bed Pillow is a standard-size pillow filled with hypo-allergenic, gluten-free, buckwheat hulls. Buckwheat is naturally raised without fertilizer or pesticides. The buckwheat is triple-cleaned to be 99.9% particulate-free and is a by-product of the buckwheat flour industry. The pillow has a natural, not chemical, scent. The cover is a plush, certified organic knit cotton from an American mill with no chemical finish. An Adjustable Pillow that Eliminates Pressure Points and Provides Relief Buckwheat hulls conform naturally to the neck and shoulders, eliminating pressure points and providing relief. Chiropractors regularly recommend buckwheat pillows for their patients that experience neck, shoulder pain and headaches when they wake. CPAP wearers can mold the filling to accommodate their mask. As the filling shifts, the buckwheat hulls make a soft, lulling sound that sleepers compare to the sound of the ocean. Adjusting your Bucky Bed Pillow is easy. Simply add or remove filling to create a pillow that is the perfect thickness. Maintains Ideal Temperature for Deep Sleep Buckwheat hulls do not retain heat and allow air to circulate, thus maintaining the ideal temperature for deep sleep. Quality Product Made in Seattle, WA The Organic Bucky Bed Pillow is cut and sewn in Seattle from fabric made in the US. It is filled with buckwheat from North American farmers (US and Canada).

  • GOTS Certified 100% unbleached cotton fabric / 100% North American farmers grow, raised without fertilizers or pesticides
  • 99.9% particulate-free, hypo-allergenic, CPAP - friendly / filling: 50% millet hull, 50% buckwheat hull
  • Hypoallergenic. Antibacterial. Dust mite resistant
  • Travel size 11 x 14 In.
  • Easy care and durable. Machine washable

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